Home Modifications

One of the many benefits of living in a Master Planned Community like Ocotillo is architectural control to promote the harmonious relationship among structures, vegetation, topography and overall design of the community. In accordance with Article IV, section 2(a) of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Restrictions, Assessments, Charges, Servitudes, Liens, Reservations and Easements (CC&R’s):
“No improvements, alterations, repairs, excavation, grading, landscaping or other work which in any way alters the exterior appearance of any property within Ocotillo, or the improvements located thereon, from its natural or improved state ... shall be made or done without the prior approval of the Design Review Board. No building, fence, wall, residence or other structure shall be commenced, erected, maintained, improved, altered, or made without the prior written approval of the Design Review Board.”
To obtain approval, submit the attached form to the Association. Please note that accurate, to scale drawings of the proposed structure, modification or improvement must be attached to this form indicating Lot dimensions, the location and dimensions of the structure or modification and the distances from all perimeter walls. A building permit from the City of Chandler (the “City”) is generally required for, but not limited to, pools, spas, ramadas, stone applications, room additions, patio covers or similar structures. It is the Member’s responsibility to acquire all required City permits prior to construction. To avoid design changes and delays, it is strongly recommended conceptual design approval be received from the Ocotillo Design Review Board (ODRB) prior to submittal to the City. Please be advised, the ODRB may take up to 30 days after receipt to forward a written decision.
Your cooperation in submitting for approval prior to installation is for your protection to avoid costly mistakes resulting from unapproved modifications. Should you have any questions regarding the design review process or specific questions regarding your submittal, please feel free to contact the Association at the above number. Sincerely, The Ocotillo Community Association
Submittals must include a Plot Plan indicating the location of the requested improvement and include all applicable measurements, dimensions, and descriptions. Incomplete applications will result in further review and delayed approval.
Submittal and Review Process
Email your application and supporting documents to oca@oca-az.com. After receiving your application, the management team will review it to ensure it's complete and ready for review. If your application is missing components, we'll contact you requesting additional information. 
Note: Architectural review applications will be reviewed within thirty (30) days. All decisions will be communicated to residents in writing.