Tennis Courts
The Ocotillo Tennis Courts are located in the heart of the Ocotillo community and offer 2 well-maintained courts for players of all levels. The courts are open year-round and are available for reservation online.
To use a court, you must be a member of the Ocotillo Community Association.

Tennis equipment is not provided, so you must bring your racket and balls.
The Ocotillo Tennis Courts are a great place to work out, have fun, and meet new people. 

One of the most remarkable features of both the Ocotillo Golf Course and the Ocotillo Community Association is the lake system. This lake system, which is comprised of 162 acres of interconnected lakes and water features, exclusively uses reclaimed and reprocessed City of Chandler wastewater, better known as effluent.
The developer of the Ocotillo lakes takes great pride in that both the golf course and the Community Association, through a series of dedicated pumps and mainlines, use the reclaimed water from these lakes for irrigation of the lush grass, plants and trees that Ocotillo residents and golfers from all over the world have enjoyed since Ocotillo's inception in 1986. Consequently, Arizona's precious groundwater is being preserved.
The Ocotillo lakes are balanced biologically, through the use of specific breeds of fish, such as tilapia, grass carp (White Amur), small mouth bass, catfish, bluegills, and goldfish. These fish are self-sustaining and require little to no outside assistance. The only fish that require regular stocking is the grass carp. Due to their rapid reproductive rate, the State requires that this type of fish be genetically altered so as not to overwhelm the lake and canal systems with their capacity for over breeding. All other fish thrive on the grass and plant materials that are found in any freshwater lake. Tilapia, normally an aggressive breeder, tend to die off in colder weather, usually when the ambient lake temperature drops below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. This typically occurs from mid-December through February. These fish keep the lakes free of debris and are an excellent food source for all manner of aquatic fowl, from the small black coot to the large blue heron. In addition, Ocotillo also enjoys ducks, geese, sandpipers, tern and an occasional pelican.
The Ocotillo Community Association continually monitors the lakes, common areas, and more than 23 miles of shoreline as well as maintains the sophisticated pumping system which is used to supply effluent to the common areas and the individual residences at Ocotillo. The Ocotillo Community Association contracts the maintenance of the lake system, to Aquatic Consulting, Inc. The golf course is privately owned and maintained. The golf course is a proud member of the PGA sanctioned Audubon Society of New York. For additional information on The Ocotillo Golf Resort visit their website.